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It's not normal to tell people you disagree with politically to "suck my dick" and it's not normal to find those who object to such misogyny bigoted. This is a very specific area where extreme misogyny has gained respectability and people need to ask why.

If I went to a cabin in some isolated spot on a mountain miles from anywhere for the next couple of months, with enough food to last me and no internet access, would I be taking a break from the real world, or in the real world?

Hey guys! I just realised my book is available to pre-order here! Out 21 Jan 2021 how exciting! Almost as exciting as our baby due 17 Jan! Wonder if they will be the same day 🤣🤣🤣

Women have been doing childcare, home-schooling, and domestic work; they're more likely to be key workers; women's jobs are at greater risk; and young women are now over-represented in hospital admissions with #COVIDー19. No wonder women are distressed.

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