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Fifty-seven years ago today, on October 23 1962, Sylvia Plath began composing one of her greatest poems, “Lady Lazarus.” I esp love the ending, which takes on Coleridge and smashes him in half.


Today has been a bad, sad day. But I managed to go for a run. And I even managed to go to a Bodypump class, for the first time in 3 months. And for that, I’m weirdly proud of myself.

I wonder how many treated for back pain? After many years of lifting, carrying & coddling a growing, wheelchair-using child, my back is ageing far faster than rest of me. It was spreading butter on toast today, not caring, that pushed the twinges into co-codamol territory.

This is the piece to read on Deborah Orr. I remember getting a compliment from her, and I put it away in my heart, and vowed never to forget it, because from her, always brutally honest, it really meant something.

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