Find In Her Nature on Social Media

Last night, when she was running along our local canal, a man cycled up behind my wife and hit her very hard, then cycled off.

Now she has shared the below, I want to share her words about how it's made her feel.

It's not OK that these incidents have happened to her or others

@drrachelhewitt @thembauk @NHM_London Yesterday a bunch of lads who looked the age of my oldest son (13) shouted at me on my run. Everywhere is "the haunts of men" and boys are in training.

@RebeccaSeal @drrachelhewitt In 2017 I was excito see that England got to the final of the Women's Cricket World Cup. Couldn't watch it though as not even highlights were shown on TV. They won. England are the current Women's Cricket World Cup holders. Where's the media coverage?

Ray Lankester, founder of @thembauk & director of @NHM_London, on women and street-harassment: 'women who object to being spoken to in the street' are 'comic'; 'if women really do wish to be left alone', they should 'avoid the haunts of men'. (He's later arrested for loitering).

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