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I wish @Garmin would make a sports watch that fits women’s smaller wrists AND has decent battery. My Fenix 5s fits fine but the battery is pathetic and has to be recharged mid-race. I’m going to give the Fenix 6 Pro a go, but (a) it’s ugly and (b) I reckon it’ll be massive.

Three runners passed me, all male, because they can run pretty much anywhere without the same consideration we must have. But otherwise, I saw no creature except 3 startled grouse. I ran for 5 miles & it was fabulous. I finished, & thought: I want to do that again. #fellrunning


Random thought for authors who've released books in 2020: it must have been so odd & different, but how AMAZING to have brought sth positive into the world this year, to have brought joy/distraction/entertainment/education, to have definitively proved the power of BOOKS 📚 💖💘❤

There's so much to take in from this report - a grueling, vital piece of work. But one thing which stood out for me was the number of murders of older women by sons and grandsons. In several cases, the perpetrator had been released to the victim's care by the CJ or MH system

Femicide Census@FemicideCensus

Our 10 year report on men's fatal violence against women in the UK, 2009 -2018:

1,425 women killed by 1,419 men

But at least 117 women met suspicious and/or violent deaths that we weren't able to include


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