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Yes, boys should be able to wear dresses. But a true gender revolution involves letting go of male entitlement; teaching boys to be considerate of others & not dominante a space. Giving girls room to flourish and express themselves. Not expecting mum to clean & tidy it all…

It’s not the boy being in a dress that’s the problem re: the John Lewis ad. It’s the sheer entitlement he shows towards the space around him. That the girl sits quietly, making herself smaller, while he rampages through their home (which the mother will almost certainly clean…).

Just resigned as a @ucu rep. If the national leadership will not defend academic freedom in cases where they don't agree with the academic in question, they have ceased operating as an effective trade union in HE.

Whether you agree with Prof Stock or not - once you cede the point that academics can be harassed or fired for unpopular views, then none of us is safe. I cannot understand a trade union that thinks this is a positive


A statement from UCU:

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