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Welcome to In Her Nature
May 7, 2019
In Her Nature is a blog about women and running. Specifically, it is about women and trail-running across beautiful landscapes. The blog is related to research I’m doing for my book In
Who Runs the World?
May 15, 2019
Female runners have long fought for the recognition and status of male ones. Rachel Hewitt asks why a woman pulling on a pair of trainers is still such a defiant act. "At around 5pm on O...
London Marathon 2019: The Second Half
May 10, 2019
Looking at my splits now, it seems that I managed to hold onto what my watch calculated as a 5:31 average after the London Marathon’s half-way point for another 9km, up to around 30km into
London Marathon 2019: The First Half
May 10, 2019
My lack of preparation – physical and psychological – for the London Marathon extended to the logistics of actually getting to Blackheath. The day before race day, I was supposed to be talk
London Marathon 2019: the Run Up
London Marathon 2019: the Run Up
May 7, 2019
Back in May 2018, I’d started feeling like a road marathon was something I “ought” to do. I’d experienced the elation of my first trail marathon (the Hardmoors Osmotherley race) back in Oct